Sunday, January 9, 2011

Breaking the Silence & A New Etsy Shop!

Hello Friends! Long time, no talk. I had the most wonderful and relaxing holiday season with my friends and family. I hope you all did as well. The hubs and I have decided that we are going to continue our quest for simplification in life as our goal for 2011. Of course, this does not mean that I am going to stop with the creative projects and decorating! Ha!

A few weeks ago, I received the most amazing gift. Well, I can't really call it a gift since the only reason I got it was because I paid for a warranty. You see, about 5 years ago the hubs and I purchased a leather chair from American Signature. Luckily, we also purchased a warranty because the leather started cracking and peeling. American Signature quickly replaced the chair with another chair of our choice and I fell in love.

American Signature Warranty

This new chair is huge (2 people wide), it is soft (micro-suede), easily cleaned (we've already cleaned up chocolate successfully), comfortable, and warm (compared to the leather couch). I have been sitting in it every night since it was delivered. I've also been napping in it every weekend. In fact, I blame the chair for my lack of posts lately. You see, I sit down after a long day and don't want to get up to get my laptop! Can you blame me though?

Ok, enough with the excuses. I have been working on something creative lately. I finally listed some items in my Etsy shop! Right now I am just focusing on fabric covered pushpins and boy are they cute! I love how they turned out and I can't wait to make more. So please, go check them out. They make the perfect little wedding/shower favor, hostess gift, or teacher gift!

Here is a sneak peak at my favorite:

Next up on my list...curtains for the dining room. I will need your help choosing a fabric once I narrow it down to the top three. :) Also, I think I have almost convinced one of my good friends to let me feature her guest bedroom! We stayed in it over NYE and it was heavenly!


  1. Hi! I came across this site while Googling American Signature's leather warranty. I have a very quick question, how did you manage to get your chair replaced? From many of the posts I've read, the warranty company was very difficult, and made even reparations impossible for someone who said her leather ripped, instead of tore. Any tips/advice that could make my claim easier to process would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Yvette,

    I honestly think I just got lucky. The leather on our previous chair was shredded and crumbling apart. There was really no way American Signature could deny the poor quality. Also, I made sure to stress that there was no "incident" to cause the tears so they were unable to blame it on us. Good luck!