Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest Room Redo

There is nothing wrong with our current guestroom. It is a very small room with a very small bed, but it functions just fine for my out of town BFF, my mom, and my 8 year old niece who are the only people to ever use it. But, my older sister has offered to give us her queen size bed in order to make room for her new little baby girl who is due to arrive in May and we jumped at the opportunity to redecorate the room! Well, I jumped, my hubs sighed because he knew a decorating project would cost money. :)

Here is the room as it stands right now. Basic beige on the walls, cheap sheer curtains, basic light fixture and minimal mismatched furniture.

Here is an inspiration picture for the new room.

Bold, I know! The hubs and I have decided that this will be the first redecorating project that will be a part of our new "we are so far in the hole on our house because of the housing market decline that we will be living here for the next 40 years" attitude. Previously, we decorated with a "make our house look like a nice, neutral model home" attitude. Because hey, you never knew when you would decide to up and move! But alas, since we are here forever we might as well have some fun with it!

We own the trunk already (Pottery Barn) and a white down comforter, so the only things that will need to be done are paint, curtains, light fixture and accent pieces. I'm planning on painting the room next week as my days as a stay-at-home mom are greatly limited, so stay tuned!


  1. Can't wait to see (use) it! Do your plans include completion by March 18? :) Either way - you go girl. You have such an eye for these things, it's going to be beautiful.

  2. Hey there! I got your message on my blog about your guest room inspiration. Just wanted to let you know that this is not my guest room, or the work of A Well Dressed Home. This room actually belongs to Kyle Knight of Knight Moves Blog.

    Emily Hewett
    A Well Dressed Home