Friday, February 18, 2011

Guestroom Update

So, I chickened out on adding a bold color to the guestroom. I started painting the room this color earlier this week:

The whole time I was painting I keep thinking to myself ,"This isn't right. It is too dark." But I was determined to do something outside of the box. Something I normally would not do. So I just kept painting. Big mistake! I gotta admit, I am a sensitive one. I let this room sit unfinished for days while I avoided committing completely to the color. Once I realized that the color was bugging me enough to make me avoid a decorating project, I knew what I had to do...repaint. So, I dug around in the garage and pulled an old paint sample that I loved. This is the new color:

I LOVE IT. The second I painted over the dark blue I felt at ease. The color is a lot more bright blue in person and not so grey. Perfect for a calm and inviting guest bedroom. My plan is to finish painting this weekend while hubs is home to help with the little guy. I can't wait to show ya'll the finished product!

Oh, and guess I will need to rethink linens, curtains, etc. :)

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