Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shopping Day Finds

Today I took the day off from the little guy (thanks mother-in-law!) and spent the day browsing some of my favorite stores in search of inspiration and decorating ideas. I found the most amazing stuff! First stop was IKEA. While I saw many things that I wanted, there was only one thing that I couldn't pass up. This rug:


I think this will either end up in our dining room to anchor the table or in our kitchen eating area under the round black table. Not sure yet, but I will post pictures when I decide!

Next stop was West Elm. I LOVE this store! I originally went in to buy the glass orbs and air plants I posted about here, but they only had one orb and no air plants. I bought the only orb they had and plan to mix n' match with some others I have seen while out shopping. The air plants might take some work finding. While I was at West Elm I snapped some photos on my phone of things I love but cannot afford. Here they are:

Glass Hurricanes


  1. Love that Rug, I actually got one for myself yesterday and I too stopped at West Elm : )

  2. Glad you got to enjoy your shopping.

  3. We have that rug too (in the man cave) and love it! Especially the price tag! I can't even go into west elm anymore because I *need* to buy everything in there but it isn't very budget-friendly... ahhh

  4. This isn't the exact same hurricane, but Target has something very similar. I saw it in person last night and almost bought it.