Monday, March 28, 2011

My Best Kept Home Decor Secret... really this little store in downtown Madison, GA called In High Cotton. (I know, I know!)

I've been in love with this shop for years. I've been known to make the 1.5 hour trek out there many times a year just to pick up what I have dubbed as "Pottery Barn Decor for Cheap". This store has been a highlight of my home decorating and has made me very happy since I discovered it a few years ago. Nothing like a little home decor retail therapy to make a girl's heart go pitter patter.

In High Cotton, Madison, GA

I'm sad to say that In High Cotton has changed since my last trip. One of my good friends and I made the trek out to Madison this morning and were very disappointed to discover that the entire store has been changed. No more piles of beautiful pillows. No more expensive looking, yet decent priced lamps. Gone are the wonderful Pottery Barn type furniture pieces for amazing prices. Instead, the store has been overstocked with "knick knacks" and large over-priced pieces of furniture.

Despite this, I managed to snap some pictures of a few good finds, like this awesome wooden mirror:

In High Cotton, Madison, GA 

Lets not even talk about the price tag though!

Then there was this beauty. I can totally see this in my two story foyer over my front door. Painted black of course!

In High Cotton, Madison, GA

Again, way too pricey.

In High Cotton, Madison, GA

Hello there beautiful Pottery Barn inspired lamp! $119? No thanks.

In High Cotton, Madison, GA

These pillow were the only decent price out of the bunch at $23 a piece. Loved the muted script writing on them.

In High Cotton, Madison, GA

LOVED this stool. But at almost $300, it was not meant to be.

In High Cotton, Madison, GA

Cool wall mirrors. Check out the knick knacks in the right hand corner though. See what I mean?

In High Cotton, Madison, GA

Love all things bird (right C?!?).

So there you have it friends. My best kept home decor secret. Take the time to go to Madison and visit them if you want. I will be elsewhere, searching for my next secret... :)


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  1. Yes, of COURSE love all things bird! But it looks like this store is...confused. Pretty, overpriced pieces next to tacky cartoon-y knick knacks? Some stores in Boerne have gone this direction too. Not cool.

    Hope you find another store. I swear by HomeGoods. And every HomeGoods is different, so it's fun to shop around. :)