Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Picture Wall

The guestroom project has been coming along VERY slowly. I painted the walls a few weeks ago (although not my original color) and then things just kind of sat at a standstill for awhile. Maybe it was a lack of time or maybe a lack of motivation lack of funds. Either way, I finally got to working on it today and created a picture wall for over the bed. As a refresher, here is what this wall originally looked like:

The room was a little blah in my opinion. So, I started painting it a deep, dark blue. I had intentions of making it look like this when it was done:

But, alas, the Pottery Barn side of me won out and I changed my plans right in the middle of painting that huge wall. My new inspiration came from (what else?) an old Pottery Barn magazine.

Yes, I tape my inspiration photo up on the wall when I am redecorating a room. Don't judge. So, moving right along. I really liked the picture wall above the bed and decided to do my own not-so-modern-framed spin on it. First I taped off the floor to represent where the bed will be going.

That is a sneak peek at my soon-to-be-sewn curtains on the left side of the picture in case you care. :)

Then I did a mock layout on the floor with my picture frames. Of course, it didn't end up looking like this once it was on the wall due to my mid-session tweaks, but it gave me a starting point.

Next, I used white printer paper to determine where the nail needed to go in the wall. I simply flipped the picture frame over, laid a piece of paper on top, located the bracket underneath and punched a hole in the paper. Like this:

See the two holes punched in the top of that paper? Well, then I taped this paper to the wall, hammered a nail in the wall right over the paper, and ripped the paper down. VOILA! Anyways, when all was said and done I was pretty happy with the result. What do you think?

Next up, I'm working on the curtains and getting the bed setup. Once that is done, I will be all set to do a final reveal! Also, these beauties have made their way into my home (and heart) the past few days.

I think I may have decided where to display them but until then you'll just have to wait. :)

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  1. I want some of those plant thingys. where do I get them? I want to be a 1creativenotthemama....