Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big Boy Bathroom Update

I've been slowly working on my son's "big boy bedroom/bathroom" the past few weeks. I call it this because everything in his current nursery is white with pastel colors on the walls (blue, green, and yellow) and my husband refers to his nursery as his "little boy room". 

When I was pregnant, my husband and I had our first ever decor related argument over what color furniture and wall color the nursery would have. I had dreams of a beautiful pastel blue on the walls and white, crisp furniture to make the little guy feel soothed and relaxed. The husband? Black furniture. Primary colors. Manly stuff.


Thankfully, I won the argument and my little guy has gotten 2 full years of relaxing bliss in his nursery. Now that he is getting to be a toddler (he is almost 2!), he needs some more masculinity and bright colors in his surroundings. So...I am working on designing a fun and colorful "big boy bedroom/bathroom" for him.

I've posted before about some artwork for his bedroom. I've been itching to do more work designing his bedroom but have kind of been halted by the fact that he is still peacefully sleeping in his crib with no aspirations to climb out. This makes it hard to transition him to a twin size bed when he is quietly playing in his crib each morning instead of running down the hall at 6am and jumping on top of us as we sleep. :)

So, instead of focusing my attention on his bedroom, I decided to work on his bathroom. As with my mother-in-law's bathroom redecorating project, the goal is to create a space that is fun for my son but also appropriate for overnight guests.

When we first moved in, the bathroom was pretty bare.

Pretty builder-basic, huh?

With the addition of some accessories and artwork, I think it is coming along.

Sorry for the lighting in the pictures - this room doesn't get ANY natural light and I am not the best at editing my pictures. Anyway, that is the room as of now. I would like to paint the walls to have more contract. Any color suggestions?

Shower Curtain: West Elm
Train Rug: Gift
Train Stool: Homegoods
Hooks: IKEA
Brown Shelf: West Elm
Train Picture: Inherited

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