Monday, August 22, 2011

DIY: Bunting Banners

Even though we didn't go all out on birthday parties this year for my husband and son, I still managed to sneak in a few creative projects to make it special. My in-laws graciously offered up there house for family and a few friends to come celebrate these two special guys and wanted to have some sort of decoration to liven up the place. Budget was tight as always (when is it not?), but I found some really cute bunting banner ideas on Pinterest that were super easy to make and super inexpensive.

DIY: Bunting Banner

To make these sweet little banners, you need:

3-4 sheets 12"x12" craft paper
Sewing Machine
3 yards Bias Tape (I bought mine at Joann's)

1.) Cut as many triangles as you can out of each sheet of craft paper. I was able to squeeze about 5 out of mine with the help of my math-inclined hubbie.

2.) Slide the wide end of the triangle into the open fold in the bias tape directly in front of your sewing machine needle. Note: Start sewing on the bias tape for an inch or so before hand to get the needle placement setup and be sure to leave a few inches of bias tape on the end for hanging.

DIY: Bunting Banner

3.) Use your hand to keep the paper in the bias tape and sew right over the paper!

DIY: Bunting Banner

4.) Keep inserting triangles into the bias tape as you go until your banner is the desired length.

DIY: Bunting Banner

5.) Hang your banner(s) up and enjoy! See, I told you that was easy!!

DIY: Bunting Banner

DIY: Bunting Banner


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  1. I never thought of sewing over the paper. Such a great idea. Looks adorable.