Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012: Doing More with Less

Happy new year friends!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and happy holiday season! 2012 is here and it is  new year resolution time!! In 2011, our family decided to make a goal of simplifying our lives. I am happy to say that we achieved this goal and managed to:

  • Purge material items that we didn’t need or use
  • Simply our eating by incorporating more fresh foods into our diet and taking out processed foods
  • Simplify our lives by spending more time outdoors as a family – hiking, working out, and enjoying nature instead of going to the movies, the mall, etc.

This year’s resolution is along the same lines. In 2012, we resolve to do more with less. Some of the areas I would like to concentrate on are home décor/house projects, holiday gifts, and food. This means more posts on DIY projects (especially with items you may already own), DIY gifts for holidays, and DIY foods (such as homemade latte syrups, pizza dough, pasta, etc.) Here are some of the ideas I have for home decor:

  • Handmade memo board made out of picture frame and scrapbook paper
  • Fabric covered bulletin board for my office
  • DIY fruit and vegetable garden
  • DIY kitchen island makeover

I also have some big blog news to share in the next few weeks. This blog will be changing…big time. But it will be a good change!


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  1. Looking forward to finding out what changes you have in mind! :) xoxo - C