Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Quick Way to Lighten Up Your Home!

Something about spring makes me want to break out the light colors and brighten up my home. This year, I discovered a quick and easy way to lighten up my living space. Want to know how I did it? I took a trip to  IKEA and purchased a ton of white RITVA curtains. (and, of course, it helps that we upgraded our dark leather couches to a lighter, beige sectional. However, the real magic happened with the curtains).

Family Room Before

Family Room After

I swear our family room feels like a completely different room now. I've been really pleased with the IKEA curtains too. They are nice and thick with an almost linen-look to them. Everyone who has seen them has complemented me on them. I feel like I have a dirty little secret knowing that they only cost $12 a piece!

Also, a quick side note. Have you heard of IKEA Family? I know nothing about it except that it is FREE and it appears that IKEA Family members pay reduced prices in the store!



  1. How did I miss that you also got a great tan sectional!?! Now we are sectional buddies! Love the new look!!! :)


  2. Your room looks great. The new sectional and curtains made such a difference. Don't cha just love IKEA!