Friday, May 4, 2012

A Pinterest Inspired Baby Shower

I had been waiting for this moment for years. One of my dearest and closest friends (Amanda, my co-author on this blog) was finally joining me in the “Motherhood Club”, and I couldn’t wait to throw a shower for her!

The problem was, I had saved so many ideas over the years, and with the introduction of Pinterest a few months back, I was having a hard time narrowing down a theme/color scheme. I needed to prioritize my list of ideas and DIY projects and narrow them down to a small list of manageable items. Pinterest was great for this. I simply created a board called “A’s Baby Shower” and pinned my favorite items.

05-03-12 11-35-45 AM

Then, I ran a search on Pinterest for “baby boy showers” and I picked my inspiration image.


Finally, I picked my top three DIY projects and went to work!

I plan to share more details in a future post about some of the recipes and projects used to make this shower extra special. For now, some beautiful images from the event will have to suffice. :)

I also have some wonderful news to share! Just 2 days after the shower was over, Amanda gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Seven weeks early! Both mom and baby are doing great and I have a feeling once she is settled and the nursery is (finally) complete, she will be sharing some photos of the nursery with you.


P.S. - A huge THANK YOU to all of the friends and family that helped in making this shower so nice!

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