Monday, July 23, 2012

Master Bedroom: A Work in Progress

My family has lived in our house for almost 6 years now and the entire time I have struggled to create a master retreat that is calming, relaxing, and a place that feels comfortable. I started by painting the walls a deep tan color, which was a big mistake since we have dark mahogany bedroom furniture.

Then, I attempted to brighten things up a bit by adding a white comforter. Which worked, but the room was lacking style and still had too much brown.

After my little guy started sleeping through the night (at over one year old!), and I regained my ability to think straight, I decided to invest in a bedding set with color.

Then, I got smart and moved the bed in front of the window, ditched the dark brown curtains, and put up some airy white curtain panels.

Much better, don't you think? I still have a few things left to do:

  • Add a bed skirt to create under-the-bed storage
  • Invest in some colorful lamps
  • Install bamboo shades instead of white wooden blinds

I think it is coming along nicely though. Much improved from when we first moved in!


1 comment:

  1. I love your bed. I had the same problem with my master when we moved in. Except the wall were a dark chocolate. Way too much brown. I finally got the walls painted a putty gray, but we are still in the white comforter stage.