Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY: Over Sized Ruler Growth Chart

One of the best parts about being a mom is watching your child grow. From the start, I have been trying to document my little guy's childhood in ways we can all cherish. One of these ways is recording his height each year on his birthday. I had previously purchased a wall decal to do this, but unfortunately, will not be able to take it along with us when we move.

Since we will be in transition for awhile, I set out to create a growth chart that can move along with us.

Over Sized Ruler Growth Chart

My over sized ruler inspiration came from a fellow blogger, Mary at becauseiliketodecorate. She created a beautiful Pottery Barn Kids jumbo ruler knockoff from a piece of wood and the result was stunning. I instantly knew I wanted to create my own. So, off to Lowe's I went. 

Lowe's is great because you can purchase pre-cut/pre-finished wood for cheap. I snagged a six foot long by nine inch wide piece of wood off the shelf, some Minwax Mahogany stain, polyurethane, and a brush. I think my total bill came to $25.

The first step is to measure out the ruler markings with a pencil and a tape measure.

Over Sized Ruler Growth Chart

I made long marks at every foot and smaller marks every 4 inches. I choose this pattern because my little guy seems to grow about four inches a year. You can choose as many or as few markings as your heart desires. 

Next up, I used a leveler and a sharpie marker to make straight horizontal lines at my chosen intervals. 

Over Sized Ruler Growth Chart

You might notice my lines aren't perfectly straight. This doesn't bother me one bit. I think it gives it character.

Off to the garage I went with my over sized ruler for a coat of stain and a coat of polyurethane. After a few hours of drying time, my over sized ruler was complete! 

Over Sized Ruler Growth Chart

I love the character in the wood and the dark, rich color. Don't you?

Over Sized Ruler Growth Chart

Now, we have a growth chart that can move with us over the years!


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  1. Hi there! Stumbled across your blog and love it, especially love how your DIY growth chart turned out!
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