Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY: Soap Pumps (Take Two)

A few years ago I scored some beautiful glass soap pumps at Target and personalized them with the words “hand” and “dish”. Sitting on the edge of my kitchen sink, they receive numerous comments from friends and family. I ended up remaking them as gifts on more than one occasion.
 Soap Pumps

Over time, however, the pumps clogged and rusted to the point that they were no longer looking so pretty. Instead of getting the same pumps, I decided to try something new this time around.

Martha Stewart has this great line at Staples and one of the products is pre-made chalkboard labels. I’ve been all about the chalkboard craze lately so I picked some up.


I also headed back to Target and picked out some creamy white soap pumps.


I just slapped those chalkboard puppies on and wrote on them with a chalk marker.

Instant prettiness!!



  1. I want to go out to buy supplies for this right now! Ha! You should come share it with us at Keep Calm & Link Up when you get a chance. We'd love to have you :o)

  2. Chalk labels? Who knew! I love it! I must buy some!