Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY: Colorful Wall Medallions

You all have seen this picture before:

DIY Colorful Wall Medallions

This is my friend Amanda's beautiful living room after a long process of updating it to better fit her style. I'v e gotten many questions about the colorful wall medallions and I'm going to show you how we created them today!

DIY: Colorful Wall Medallions

After a little bit of research, we bought the ceiling medallions from Architectural Depot

They were super easy to work with and within a few days, we had some beautiful white ceiling medallions to transform. 

We decided on shades of yellow to match the yellow accents throughout the room. To give the medallions a little bit more contrast, we bought one of the shades in a satin finish and one of them in a gloss.

Krylon Spraypaint

After the paint had dried, we used a little Gorilla Glue to adhere a D-Ring hanger to the back of each medallion. 

D-Ring Hangers

Gorilla Glue

After the Gorilla Glue had dried, we simply hung them up on the wall and stepped back to admire our work! Aren't they beautiful?

Spray Painted Wall Medallions


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  1. The medallions look great, Jen. I love the contrast of the glossy and matte- great idea. I didn't know you could buy ceiling medallions without the hole to mount a light fixture. Good to know!