Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY: Creative Housewarming Gift

Over the years, I have been stumped at what to bring as a gift to housewarming parties. I usually end up bringing the traditional bottle of wine and then feeling like I wish I had put more creativity into my gift. Recently, a dear friend purchased a beautiful new home in the Atlanta area and she hosted a party to celebrate. She is one of those friends that is so special, you have to go above and beyond the norm.

I spent days browsing through blogs and Pinterest trying to come up with an idea. I even discussed it at great length with Amanda, my super crafty BFF.

The morning of the party, I was still trying to come up with an idea for a gift and standing in the cleaning aisle of Target. I had actually come to Target to get cleaning supplies for myself when it dawned on me! Why not put together a gift of household necessities?

DIY: Creative Housewarming Gift

I filled the jar with some of my favorites: Meyer's hand soap, a colorful kitchen sponge, a yummy fall scented candle, a to-do list for the fridge, and fluffy dish towels.

DIY: Creative Housewarming Gift

I also added a Martha Stewart chalkboard label to the jar to add a special touch. I'm happy to report that my friend loved the gift!

Have you given any special housewarming gifts?



  1. I know this is a post from ages ago, but it's honestly saved so much stress and hassle. *Huge hugs*!