Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY: Necklace Hanger

OK. I know. I've already showed y'all projects on jewelry organization. But I've got a problem, I own too many necklaces and I am constantly getting them tangled and/or losing them. So, I had to get creative again and come up with another way to store my necklaces. If you recall, I have a beautiful white tree branch that I bought at Urban Outfitters many years ago. (I've seen similar ones at the Container Store if you are looking for one!)

DIY: Necklace Holder

Problem is, my quantity of necklaces is greater than the number of "branches". So, I headed to my old favorite, Target, to find something that would work. I can across this key rail in the hardware section.

DIY: Necklace Holder

It was already cute, but I thought it could use a little more color and personality. I made a quick stop by Hobby Lobby to pick up some knobs and headed home for some deconstruction. The little hooks came off easily.

DIY: Necklace Holder

Getting the knobs to work was another issue. I had to have my husband cut off the backs of the screws so that the holder would sit flush against the wall. But, after that was complete, I had myself a pretty new necklace holder!

DIY: Necklace Holder



  1. I've seen this idea on pinterest and have wanted to try it. Cute! Love the knob choices. Good tip about the screws needing to be cut though. Ugh!