Monday, December 17, 2012

New Home!

After a few months of living with family and scoping out the area, my family will be moving into a new home! Along with this move will be LOTS of decor-related projects. Since we will be renting, we will need to be extra creative with our decorating and ensure that everything we do is portable and/or temporary. This is going to be quite a challenge!

So, here is the scoop on our new place.

We are moving into a mid-rise condo building in a small downtown community outside of Atlanta. This style of living is totally new to us. If you remember, we rented out our home a few months back that we had spent over 7 years in. It was in a quiet suburban community with tree-lined streets, neighborhood BBQs, and lots of activities.

Now, we are going to be in the middle of a downtown area with concerts, festivals, parks, restaurants, etc all within walking distance! That it is exciting - especially for the little guy. He is already talking about the "splash pad" in the green space area and the train that goes by every hour on the other side of downtown.

Of course, I've been busy mentally picturing how I am going to decorate our new place. I even created a floor plan to share with you all.
It's cozy, but very nice. I can't wait to move in and begin decorating! If anyone has any helpful hints on condo living - please share!


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