Friday, December 21, 2012

Thinking About Dining Room Rugs

I made a mistake of ordering a regular soy latte at Starbuck's around 7pm this evening, so I am wired and y'all are getting a blog post. It isn't very often that I am wide-awake at 11pm these days!

In preparation for our new home, I've had my mind on dining room rugs lately. Our new condo has carpet in the dining room (who does that?!?) and we will definitely need to cover it to protect it from stains. I mean, we have a toddler. Food dropping on the floor is a guarantee.

I've pinned some beauties on my Pinterest board lately to get me started on a look and feel for the space.

blue area rug

blue area rug

blue area rug

blue area rug

My requirements for a rug are:
  • Must be durable/washable/cleanable
  • Must cost less than $500
  • Must have a pattern to it to help hide any possible stains
  • Must brighten up the room

I've been toying around with the idea of getting an indoor/outdoor rug. Has anyone purchased on of these? Are they plush and soft?


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