Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY: Ruffle Wreath

For many years now, I have wanted to do some sort of decorating for Valentine's day, but couldn't find any home decor items in the stores that were quite right. This Valentine's day, I decided to take matters into my own hands and DIY it. 

Since we live in a small condo, I decided to go for a wreath on the front door. I knew I wanted something pink, and girlie, and not too time consuming since my free time is limited these days. 

This DIY project was super easy and only took me about 20 minutes to complete! Here is how to make your own.

Step 1: Gather your supplies. 

Pink Ruffle Wreath

I used a 12" wreath form, pink "gauze-like" material, scissors, hot glue gun, and long push pins.

Step 2: Cut 2" wide strips of fabric. 

No picture of this one. Basically, I laid my fabric out flat and cut strips the width of the fabric. My fabric was exactly 1 yard. 

Step 3: Wrap a few strips of fabric around the wreath form to cover. Use hot glue to secure each end.

Pink Ruffle Wreath

Step 4: Create your ruffles. 

Pink Ruffle Wreath

Creating the ruffles was super easy. I just folded the fabric like an accordion, pinching it in the center. You might notice that my fabric is doubled in the picture. This is because I wanted each ruffle to be more "pink", so I folded my strip in half before starting my accordion folds. If you use a thicker fabric, you won't have to do the same. 

Step 5: Pin the ruffles to the wreath form, overlapping a little.

Pink Ruffle Wreath

Don't worry about the pins showing through. If you layer your ruffles close together and take your time working around the wreath form, you won't be able to see the pins when you are finished. 

Step 6: Hang from your door and enjoy! 


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