Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Finds: Week 6

Happy Friday Friends!  

Maybe I should start doing this weekly finds post on Mondays instead of Fridays. For the past few weeks, the end of my week has been absolutely crazy and I haven't had time to put together my list until the last minute! What do you think? Would you rather have a Monday morning read?

Every week, I share my favorite finds in home decor, DIY, fashion, cooking, baking, travel, and more!

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Weekly Find #1: Healthy Heavenly Shakes
Girl Scout Samoa shakes that are loaded with protein and not fat or carbs? Yes, please!

Weekly Find #2: DIY Polka Dot Wrapping Paper
With a pencil eraser! Clever...

Weekly Find #3: Chevron Infinity Scarf
I have an unhealthy obsession with infinity scarves and the chevron pattern.

Weekly Find #4: Turquoise!

pop of color makes it perrrfect

Weekly Find #5: Road Trip Anyone?


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  1. Very cute! The chevron scarf would have to be my favorite. We want to award you with the Liebster Award. To find out more visit our blog post on it here:
    If you don't want to participate, we won't be offended. :)
    Have a great day!
    Megan and Taylor