About Me

Welcome to One Creative Momma! 

I'm Jen.

This is me and my awesome family. We have a lot of fun together. 

Prior to starting this blog, I was a typical corporate girl working my way up the ranks as a IT technical writer. I know, pretty geeky, huh? After I had my little guy, that all changed. For the first few years of his life, I was a stay-at-home mom and LOVED it. I started spending my free time (nap time) working on creative home decor projects and thought "Why not share this creativeness with others?".

When I asked all my friends to describe me, most of them said "creative". They also said a lot of other nice things (thank you friends!). Therefore, One Creative Momma was born! I hope you enjoy reading about my projects and life adventures. I aim to help inspire others to be creative and to live a fulfilled life.